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#17 Gratitude In Troubled Times

We live in troubling times. The recent mass shooting in Lag Vegas has lead me to contemplate how we respond instead of react to events such as these. I believe gratitude to be a key element for responding with clarity and compassion to all of life’s challenges, personally and collectively.

I explore these questions:

How does gratitude play a role in troubling times? What is the correct response when horrific actions occur? How do we keep from going back to “trance”? How does gratitude help lead to greater awakening?

#15 Is Your Story Keeping You Stuck?

Are your stories keeping you stuck? Stories are powerful. They can inspire and transform. But they can also keep us stuck. Today, I explore ways to get unstuck from our fear-based stories.

ASPIRE#11 Meaningful Work Part 2

Continuing our discussion of meaningful work and life purpose. Where are you now? Before you can truly move forward, you’ll need to understand where you are now and how you got here.

ASPIRE#10 Meaningful Work Part 1

Meaningful work and purpose is a core element for wellness. This month I will be covering topics related to discovering your purpose, mission, and finding meaningful work.

ASPIRE #9 Shame and Guilt

When approaching personal development or self-help, what is the role of guilt and shame? Too often, we see ourselves through the lens of shame and guilt. It’s a fear-based, critical judgement mindset, that keeps us from real growth.

ASPIRE #8 Why Are You So Busy?

Our lives are filled with busyness. But why? Why do we do what we do in such hurry? Are we simply following the trends? Are we truly living the life that we were meant to live? Or are we living a busy life that someone else designed?