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It’s interesting how much fear creeps into our lives. The type of fear often shows up as anxiety or angst in our lives.

I realized that I’m recoding this during October, the month of Halloween. In some traditions Halloween, or All Saints Day on Nov 1, is more about connecting with our beloved ancestors. I mention that because, fear can keep us from connecting with what is really important.

The mind has a negativity bias. And likes to create stories, and potential problems that may arise, and how to fix them. Part of this process of working with fear, is learning to lean away from the mental chatter from our primitive brain, which seems to run on autopilot —always scanning for danger, and what might go wrong.

Fear driven thinking has it’s purpose to protect us. But it’s way over used. That’s why it’s often called the over-controller.

Whatever we regularly think about, becomes our inclination.

Our thoughts create an inner atmosphere. Our thoughts create a real emotional experience within us. Our thinking locks in our emotional states. Instead of allowing the ebb and flow emotions that are a natural part of life, we tend to lock in many emotions that are fear-based.

“Our lives are filled with so much possibility, and yet the movie in our mind keeps us in prison.” – Tara Brach